In my natural habitat.

In my natural habitat.


I’m Staci Kleinmaier, a freelance writer and photographer who tells stories about nature and human nature.

I especially enjoy writing profiles, personal essays, and op-eds that explore the simultaneously occurring comedy and tragedy of human existence. I also like other lighthearted subjects, such as climate change, the history of every U.S. war, the societal role in drug and alcohol addiction, and parenting kids so they don’t turn into entitled a-holes.

I studied English literature, creative writing, and history at Bradley University and—in spite of the massive paycheck I was bringing in as a recent-grad copy editor—I left my steady job and got my master’s in rhetoric and composition at Northern Illinois University.

You can find my writing on NC State’s College of Design blog and alumni magazine, where I am a regular contributing writer and editor, and I license my photographs for international commercial use through Offset Images. My poetry has appeared in the Rockford Review and my photography in Click magazine.

My family and I moved to Apex, North Carolina, from northern Illinois in the summer of 2016. We spend our time getting lost in our new state, working on our house, and balancing fun with somewhat-responsible parenting.

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