I have always been a storyteller. 

I learned to type by writing stories about camping trips my dad and I went on, fictional accounts of Rainbow Brite eating worms, and research-style papers on Egypt. While not exactly bestsellers, these first stories got me completely hooked on writing. 

Around this same time, I also fell in love with photography. I took my first picture and realized the amazing storytelling potential of visual images. I was 7 years old and mesmerized by my mom’s Canon AE-1 film SLR. I asked if I could take a picture, and she looped the camera strap around my neck and proceeded to place my baby brother just so on a wicker glider. I quickly pressed the shutter button when her back was to me, recording an ordinary moment on the shady back patio of our home.

And not much has changed...

I went to school for english and learned photography on the side. I have enjoyed building a career around storytelling in publishing, education, and photography and am currently building my stock photography portfolio with authentic, slice-of-life images and writing and editing for NC State's College of Design.

My family and I moved to Apex, North Carolina, from northern Illinois in the summer of 2016. We spend our time getting lost in our new state, working on our house, and balancing fun with somewhat-responsible parenting.

You can follow our journey and my work on Instagram. I also discuss storytelling and photo-making on Twitter and Clickin Moms.